Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy At Sterling Practice

Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy promotes increased strength, mobility, increased postural control, flexibility, motor co-ordination, balance/ core stabilisation, gross motor skills and motor planning in a fun relaxed setting.

Who can NDT help?

    • Infants with actual or expected developmental delay (not sitting, crawling, rolling, or walking with good patterns on time); torticollis or plagiocephaly; prematurity; neurological conditions
    • Toddlers that are tripping & falling, general clumsiness, reluctance to climb & explore their environment
Primary School Children
    • Primary School Children that work with a slow pace, press on their pencil too hard, struggle in PE lessons with endurance or gross motor skills, need to lean or prop themselves when drawing/writing at the desk, have fine motor difficulties, have poor co-ordination, cannot balance, hop or skip.
All children with conditions such as:
    • Hypotonia (low muscle tone), developmental co-ordination disorder, cerebral palsy, other neurological conditions, acquired brain injury, deconditioning from prolonged illness or hospitalization
  • Pre-schoolers that get tired easily, w- sit, prefer to lie down and play, poor endurance, struggle with gross motor play